My Photography Services:
I specialise in capturing the essence of various moments and subjects. Below, you'll find the types of photography I offer:
Portfolio Enhancement: I'm open to shooting the following subjects if I believe it will enrich my portfolio of work:

Performance Events at Local Venues (Portsmouth): Capturing the magic of live performances in the Portsmouth area click here.
Publicity and Headshots for Performers and Artists: Providing striking publicity shots right in my studio or within Portsmouth's local arts scene click here.
Portfolio Sessions for AspiringĀ Models: A great opportunity for those looking to start their modeling journey (participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian) click here.
Portfolio Sessions for Models: I am always on the look out for any models looking to update or expand their portfolio click here.
Lifestyle and Brand Photography for Social Media: Crafting visually appealing content for individuals and brands alikeĀ  click here.
Photography Preferences: However, there are certain subjects that don't align with my creative vision:
Parties (unless performance-related)
Family, Children, and Babies

Exceptions for Friends: For personal friends, I might make an exception and consider capturing:
Family, Children, and Babies

Conditions and Usage: Here are some important details regarding my photography services:
Publication of Performance Event Photos: I will showcase a selection of the best images from performance events on my Facebook page, a smaller selection on Instagram, and possibly feature some on my website. For private performances, we'll agree in advance on what will be published.
Collaboration Basis: Currently, all other photo sessions operate on a collaborative basis. I reserve the right to publish some photos on my social media and website, with all details agreed upon beforehand.
Privacy Consideration: In certain cases, especially for intimate photoshoots, I'll prioritize privacy and maintain confidentiality.
Copyright: I retain the copyright for all images, but subjects are welcome to use them for fair purposes, such as on social media, model listing sites, talent listing sites, etc.
Image Sales: If anyone wishes to sell any of the images I've taken, prior approval is required, and we may discuss sharing any profits from the sale.
I'm committed to delivering captivating and meaningful photography experiences, tailored to your unique needs and artistic vision. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in collaborating or have any questions.

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