Photography Session Guidelines: Your Experience with Steve Spurgin Photography
At Steve Spurgin Photography, I'm delighted to offer you a unique photography experience, tailored to capture your moments and showcase your individuality. Please take a moment to review the following guidelines for a seamless and enjoyable session:
Consent and Image Sharing While your photoshoot is entirely complimentary, I kindly request your consent for a selection of images to potentially be featured on my social media channels. As many of you may have discovered me through social media, sharing our session allows me to keep my content current and engaging. If privacy is your preference, rest assured you will receive unprocessed photos directly from the camera. The post-processing phase, although time-consuming, is a creative aspect I genuinely enjoy and can provide when I'm granted permission to use the photos myself.
Choosing Your Location If you prefer not to have a studio shoot you have the freedom to select the location for our photoshoot. However, I request that you ensure it offers ample and nearby parking facilities, I will be carrying camera equipment, so a location with convenient access makes life much easier. If outfit changes are planned during the session please consider this when selecting the location, the options available would be a nearby toilet or some models have changed in their cars (I do have a changing tent for beach or country side shoots but it is not practical in urban locations or windy situations).
Additional Expenses All my photoshoots are complimentary, with the exception of any extra expenses that may arise. If, for instance, props or specific items are required, we can discuss potential costs associated with these additions.
Specialty Areas and Exceptions Please note that weddings fall outside my photography scope. If you require a wedding photographer, I recommend seeking a specialist in that field. Additionally, while I generally do not photograph social occasions such as proms and christenings, exceptions may be made for friends, provided it aligns with my schedule. As with all my sessions, I would appreciate the option to feature a selection of these images on my social media platforms.
Photographing Minors For any model under the age of 18, the presence of a parent or guardian during the photoshoot is mandatory to ensure safety and compliance with legal regulations.
Image Usage and Crediting If you decide to use any of the photos online, I kindly request proper crediting by acknowledging me as the photographer and providing a link to my corresponding profile. You can find me on most social media and model/photographer sites; however, if not, you can use this link:
Image Delivery I now send images through the SMASH site or equivalent platforms. A fast internet connection is advisable, as these platforms typically require downloading of all images. Depending on your needs, I can send full-size or web-size files. Please specify your preference and provide an email address for image delivery.
Thank you for choosing Steve Spurgin Photography. I look forward to capturing memorable moments with you and ensuring a professional and enjoyable photography experience. 📸✨
Please you the form below if you are interested in having a photo shoot, include as many details as possible about yourself and the type of shoot you are looking for. A link to you social media pages would be helpful.
If you are thinking of a location shoot include suggestions for the location, for all shoots  include how soon you would like to do the shoot and days and times you are available. 
Thank you!
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