Latest Covid-19 Update July 7th 2021:
I am now doing a very limited number of shoots in the studio, but still aiming to do most shoots out doors on location, with cases increasing this may not be the case for very much longer.
All shoots in the studio will be with a white background, at this time no other rooms will be used.
You will be able to change in the usual changing room but all other rooms should be avoided, if you need to use the bathroom let me know so I can clean it thoroughly after you leave. The door to the changing room should be kept closed as much as possible as I will not in general be entering the room on the day or days after the shoot.
Preference will be given to fully vaccinated models ahead of first dose vaccinated, also a recent negative test would also be appreciated.
I currently intend to wear a mask during the shoot but this may prove to be impractical, however I will be social distancing as much as possible, so please don’t ask to see images on the back of camera etc.
As mentioned above I am still trying to shoot mostly outdoors but shoots in the studio will in the most part be done during the day when I can open the window and not cause too many distractions with the flash to those in the street outside.  If this proves impractical I will just open the window during changes of outfit to try and ventilate the room as best as possible.
After the shoot I ask that you leave without seeing the pics and I will send them to you via the website Smash, this is to keep the time you are in my house to as short a time as possible.

As always these shoots are free of charge but I will require you to consent to a selection of the images being used on my social media channels, you know doubt found me on social media so in order to keep my content up to date I may want to share our shoot with my followers. 
(If you want the shoot kept private then you will only receive the photos straight from the camera with no further processing, this is the time consuming part and something I will not be doing if I can't use the photos myself).
You are welcome to choose the location but please ensure it has adequate and close by parking as I don't like walking to far laden with camera equipment. If you want to change outfit during the shoot please take this in to consideration when choosing your location especially if you did not drive and have a car to change in.

PRE - COVID -Shoots
If you have taken a look at my portfolio  and think you would like to be featured then I am always interested in shooting new people in the studio or on location in order to build up my portfolio and of course your portfolio.
All Photo Shoots I ever do are completely FREE, unless additional expenses are involved when we can discuss things (for example purchases of props etc.).
I have recently started to shoot dance and fitness and want to expand this area of my portfolio.
One thing I do not shoot even for friends are Weddings, if you want a Wedding Photographer find someone who specialises in this area.
As a general rule I do not shoot other social occasions (including Proms, Christenings etc) but may consider this for friends, if it fits in with my schedule.
Any model under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
In most cases I would be looking to put a selection of the images in my portfolio but I am on occasions happy to keep images private, in this case I would not expect to see them appear on your own social media (if they do then do not expect me to also keep them private, dating sites and similar are not considered social media). 
If you use any of the photos on line in any form then I expect a mention as photographer and a link to my corresponding profile, I think I am on most social media and model/photographer site if not then link to
I am now sending all images via the Smash site or equivalent, this will generally require you to have a fast connection as I believe it downloads all of the images. I can send full size or web size but bare in mind I am now generally using a 45mp camera so file sizes will be large, if you only want the photos for web use then my smaller size should be perfectly adequate. Please remember to let me know an email address to send the images to.
Please you the form below if you are interested in working with me
Thank you!
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