This is a Free Service*
If you are a local performer(band/singer/dancer etc) and are looking for either performance photos or posed publicity photos etc then please message me to see if I can help.
I have a small studio for white background and head shots but am happy to shoot on location if you prefer.
* All I ask is that I have the option to feature a selection of photos on my social media and this website. 

Zee Jaza - Outdoor Location
Zee Jaza - Outdoor Location
The Smiley Campbell Band - In the Studio
For a live performance I would if possible like to feature this on my event site/facebook page ( and priority would be given to any such event.
All shoots are free but any additional expenses must be covered (for instance parking fees).
This is for events in Portsmouth only (PO1-PO5 only).
Please message me if this is of interest stevespurgin[at]gmail[dot]com or contact me via the contact page on this site or facebook 
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