If you are a Portsmouth based performer or creative you may have heard of Rep Review Repair a concept created by Amba Tremain to help artists advance there musical career, as part of this I have attended a number of the social events that have been held under the RRR banner and learnt a bit about the other parts of the business I don't get to see when watching and taking photos of performances.
To this end I am able to offer any singer/band/musician/performer my photographic services totally free this could be a studio or location shoot or a live performance shoot ( assuming I am available).
I have a small home photographic studio suitable for solo artists or small groups (max 4-5), I can also potentially take studio lights to a location provided suitable parking is available.
If you are interested then feel free to contact me with you ideas for a shoot via the contact page on this site or via my social media (facebook or instagram are the two I frequent most often).

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