If you have taken a look at my portfolio  and think you would like to be featured then I am always interested in shooting new people in the studio or on location in order to build up my portfolio and of course your portfolio.
All Photo Shoots I ever do are completely FREE, unless additional expenses are involved when we can discuss things (for example purchases of props etc.).
I have recently started to shoot dance and fitness and want to expand this area of my portfolio.
One thing I do not shoot even for friends are Weddings, if you want a Wedding Photographer find someone who specialises in this as there is a lot more to shooting a wedding than being a good photographer.
As a general rule I do not shoot other social occasions (including Proms, Christenings etc) but may consider this for friends, if it fits in with my schedule.
I do not charge for photo shoots and very rarely pay models for photo shoots, if we do a shoot it is for our own mutual benefit, for this reason I do not shoot everyone who asks as in some cases doing a shoot will not be beneficial to me.
Any model under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
In most cases I would be looking to put a selection of the images in my portfolio but I am on occasions happy to keep images private.
Please you the form below if you are interested in working with me
Thank you!
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